My Story

My Scentsy Story Karen Madsen / 801-455-6366 I am a mother of 10 children (5 are in-law children), grandmother to 16 grandchildren, and wife and companion to a wonderful and supportive husband.  My name is Karen and my Scentsy journey started for me in 2007, when my dear friend called me to introduce me to a new Candle Company that her daughter and son-in-law had purchased.  The company’s name was “Scentsy” and after giving me a brief background of their Scentsy humble beginnings journey, she advised me that Scentsy was looking for Independent Consultants to help promote their amazing candle warmers and fragranced (wax).  She asked me to join her team, as we both would journey through this amazing business opportunity together.   I pushed her offer aside and didn’t commit due to my busy life as I was working a full time job at a large corporation and I was involved with 2 family businesses of my own.  Fast forward two years later to 2009 when my friend again called me to advise me of a package she had mailed to me.  She asked me to open the package and experiment with the contents of the package and then share with her my experience.  The package came and to my surprise, it was filled with Scentsy products.  I couldn’t believe how fabulous and simple the concept was.  I plugged in the warmer, added 1 or 2 small squares of wax and became totally engulfed with the most amazing scent that filled my home.   It was so simple and best of all it was safe.  No fire, No soot, No lead.  The warmer is electric and uses a 25 watt lightbulb for heat.   The best part was the fragrance and the safety feature it offered.  Needless to say…. I joined her team as an Independent Consultant a few months later when my friend asked me to join her at the Salt Lake City Scentsy Convention.  What a production and I was truly amazed with how the business opportunity was presented.  Scentsy taught me that day and I was impressed with the high values they represented.  This company was different for sure. They taught from their heart and they taught the same core values and principles I taught in my own home. “Always  give more  than you  take” .  Live this concept… and your life will be blessed.  I am here to tell you that Scentsy has taken me on the most amazing journey of my life.    Join me as we take this journey together.   It will be the best decision of your life.  Don’t wait like I did, start today.   Are you committed to take the plunge?   <!--endbody-->